Styles of Hard Cider

Still Cider

Still cider contains no carbonation. There is no extra sugar or juices are added to the original cider. It is simply allowed to ferment in its original form. The lack of bubbles allows for subtle notes of flavor to be detected. This form of hard cider is most often compared to wine because of the lack of carbonation.

 Sparkling Cider

 Sparkling cider is any cider that contains carbonation. In the United States sparkling is usually attributed to carbonated non-alcoholic juices.

 Dry Cider

Dry cider has had all of the natural sugars fermented out, which means they contain less than .5% residual sugar. It is often used for cooking. They are tannic and distinctively acidic in taste. Most dry ciders are aged in oak barrels to bring out flavor.

 Sweet Cider

Sweet cider contains more than 2% sugar content after fermentation. This is due to adding additional sugars prior to fermentation which creates a higher alcohol content.

Draft Cider

Draft cider are the most common commercially produced hard ciders. They are made in large batches and mixed to provide a uniform flavor. They are then flavored and bottled. The alcohol content is at the low end of the spectrum at 5%-6%. Carbonation is both natural and artificial.


French Cider

French cider has its fermentation process stunted. This is done by “keeving” or by subjecting it to SO2. This keeps the alcohol content low at 2%-5%. For a cider to fall in this category it cannot contain any additives or be cut with juice or water.

Farmhouse Cider

Farmhouse cider is traditional cider. The alcohol content ranges from 5%-12%. This cider may contain some apple pulp, may be still or sparkling, and are typically dry.

New England Cider

New England cider is effervescent or still and contains alcohol levels at 8%-14%. They are naturally carbonated and are commonly flavored with molasses, and raisins. There are few commercial producers of this style, but it is very common with home brewers.



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